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Meet "The Dutchie Ghost"

Hello from the Weavers!  We are a Mennonite family living in central Berks County and we are Steinmetz Family Farm's neighbors.  We own a small farmstead.  Most of it is woodland but a few tillable acreage allows us to raise some produce and animals.

Our specialty crop is growing the popular Ghost Pepper.  The Chost Pepper is available in the following colors (not flavors): peach, chocolate and red.

We also grow the famous world's hottest Carolina Reaper.

The uniqueness of the Dutchie Ghost is that we select and save our own seeds from the peppers we grow.  Which means that we get to select from the best seed stock possible.  This provides us with robust and resilient seeds.

Thanks for selecting and trying The Dutchie Ghost's peppers!  But a word of caution is forthcoming... if you have never tried any super hot pepper, here is my warning.  Dutchie the Ghost might be hanging out for a while!  Infact, he will be back to haunt you!  

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