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Meet our Livestock Guardian dogs!

Millie Millie is a registered, purebred Great Pyrenees.  She is a Livestock Guardian dog (LGD) and is so gentle and calm with our animals.  She helps to guard them and make sure that everyone is safe.   She has a very sweet temperment.  She loves getting scratched and is best friends with our other LGD, Grayson. 

Grayson  Grayson is also one of our Livestock Guardian dogs (LGD).  He is part Anatolian Shepard and part Great Pyrenees.  He is the best dog anyone could ask for!  He is constantly on guard and working to keep our animals safe.  He loves our baby goats and will not even move when they jump all over him.  He is surely a gentle giant!


Maisy Mae  Maisy is a purebred, registered Golden Retriever.  She is such a pretty girl!  She loves swimming most of all on the farm, as well as chasing frisbees and rocks.  She's a very happy-go lucky pup and full of lots of energy!

Bentley  Bentley is a registered, purebred Blue Merle mini Poodle.  His coloring is absolutely gorgeous.  Bentley is unique in that he has 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye.  He is not one of our livestock guardian dogs.  But he is very lovable and a huge cuddle bug!

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